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3/8 of the #magicthegathering cosplay portraits from #dragoncon. Better late than never! Check out the full image over on my Facebook page. facebook.com/heathermariephotograph #mtg #magic #cosplay #photography #photomanipulation #ElspethTirel #JaceBeleren #RalZarek #PlanesWalker

Dérive (In Progress)

Updated the website with my current project. Let me know your thoughts. =]

Note to everyone I know in a band:

Do you want good live photographs of yourselves? Then don’t use a ton of red lights. Red lights are a pain for photographers and are not flattering in a still image.

Our department is amazing. #USofS #photography #photonerd #photolife

One of the images I shot at the @igcolumbiasc #bullstreet walk.


I just added a ton of new images to my website and updated a few things.
Let me know what you think!

Working on all the amazing images I got at #warpedtour #charlotteNC on Monday! They should be uploaded to @scenesc tonight!

Heather Marie Photographs


You should help me make it higher! I love support!! =]

I NEED YOUR HELP!!! I need to pick JUST ONE of my concert images for a contest. AND I DON’T KNOW WHICH ONE! 

Please scan through my concert images and let me know what one/ones stand out to you.




A better, higher rez, photo of the best class photo EVER.
My photography class at Capers Island, SC at the end of the Spring Semester. 
We are bad-ass.
The guy with the hat is my professor, Eliot Dudik. You should look up his work. He is bad-ass also. Glad to be learning from him!

41 reasons why you shouldn'€™t date a photographer

I really hate this list.

Yes as a photographer many of these things do pass by my mind. BUT IT’S WHEN IM WORKING. I LOVE photography and I’m so happy to do something I love as all three of my jobs, but we all need a break sometime. And that break is when you are with friends and loved ones. Yes we can spend time with out our cameras because you know what… Most photographers work on their projects ALONE or on specific trips. Plus they have this magical device called a cell phone so if you want to capture something for reference later you can. And yes we do want to take pictures of our muses (usually our loved ones or closest friends FYI) and just because we aren’t photographing you doesn’t mean we don’t love you for everything you are. Maybe we know you get sick of it or maybe we are making notes of all the ways we want to capture your beauty and are waiting to do it in one shoot. That way we don’t always badger you about it.

Anyone who does all of these needs a reality check. And they need to learn that just because you don’t capture it the first time doesn’t mean you won’t get it again or something better. Learn to be selective.


Scouting at Gregory Electric. #photography

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A snazzy preview of the start of my next project. Still working through the kinks. But this means I can hit the ground running!

“They’re gonna die because of that water.” -Small Child #photography #gfpi #georgefulton #riverbankszoo #zoo #behindthescenes #bts #deathbyphotography

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