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So many little ones. #cat #cats #kitty #kitties #dog #puppy

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I need an iPhone NOW!!! 

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I want this kitty and I want to name it DeathEater.

It will be amazing.

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I walked into my kitchen, turned on the light, and found him sitting like this. Waiting. Plotting. In the dark.

Look at all those feets! #cat #kitty #kitten #paws

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When I can’t find my cat, I just look under the covers.

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My life.

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I think he wants to be a human.

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GUYS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(via small-lady)

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This is what I see every time I get out of the shower. Same spot, same pose. I don’t know if she’s trying to make me feel less or more awkward.

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I think she might be cold.

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As soon as I get ready to run an errand, he’s ready to cuddle again.

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He doesn’t know where the babies are!

I spy with my little eye.

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