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If I made handmade note/sketchbooks would anyone be interested in buying them? I really want to get back into bookmaking! #handmade #book #handmadebook #notebook #sketchbook #custom

"And then on this vast and desolate landscape of night, where I was standing alone and where Babette was only an illusion, I saw suddenly a possibility that I’d never considered before, a possibility from which I’d fled, rapt as I was with the world, fallen into the senses of the vampire, in love with color and shape and sound and singing and softness and infinite variation."

Interview with the Vampire

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“You know, this place makes me wonder.” 

Just finished this book. The book and movie are pretty much exactly the same page by page. Think I’m going to watch the movie again tonight since it’s been a while… like 2 years.

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Yup (Taken with instagram)

My Gawd

Project Twenty Ten

Day 37

Homework all day


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Project Twenty Ten

Day 6
Went to go get my books for the Spring semester. My total ended up being $666.30
I feel good about this semester =]


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