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Shut up and =]

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Unfortunately I didn’t get a shot of the full costume and I lost my top after changing (I have to make a new one now) BUT here’s my Harley Quinn Bombshell makeup and wig!


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Soy-Sriracha Beef and Carrot Sushi and Rice Balls.

My final dragon con line up. Friday - Faun. Saturday - Bombshell Harley Quinn. Sunday - Rumpelstiltskin. SO READY.

I’m so proud of everyone! We had a fantastic team and everyone did an amazing job! GO TEAM!

Finally making a pitcher of my favorite tea. Blood Orange Tea with orange juice brewed into it. ❤️🍊

I don’t think I’ve even been this excited about an eyeshadow pallet before! #pulpfiction

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32 hours no sleep.

Good morning Charlotte.

The creative juices are flowing.

Also got my hands on some gold. (at River Rat Brewery)

All or nothing. (at River Rat Brewery)

Perfectly out of key

Someone is having a hard time getting out of bed today.

Workin on thangs.

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