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Shut up and =]

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Happy birthday @nicksantino It was great to see you. Thanks for reminding me to take my lens cap off πŸ˜“

It’s that time of the year again. #warpedtour2014

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The kitties are just as excited as I am! #dragoncon2014

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Let them have cake!

Let the games begin. (at Old Smoky Moonshine)

In the clouds

Sometimes at work your boss looks like Jason trying to kill you. πŸ“·: @christinamsmith1991 #dontkillme #photographer #photographerproblems


We Heart It.

Amazing portrait by @eliotdudik!

I made a new friend. 🐢



it only takes just one

for you to hate just one

it all can change in just one

should you lose your brain in just one

but will you please wait just one

because i feel so great in this one

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